{ About this blog }

I started bloging 4 years ago when I first became pregnant with my first daughter Nakita who was born almost 7 weeks prematurely in June 2008, it started as a way to record my pregnancy with her, something for her to be able to read back on when she is older.

The birth of Nakita which was very fast and quite dramatic although not without its humerous moments can be found here. you can also follow her journey, milestones and some fo the physical challenges she faced with hypermobility and on going issues and hospital admissions relating to her prematurity which was finally diagnosed as atelectasis of the right lung (partically inflated lung). She is now a beautiful and bright 3 1/2 year old, both her hypermobility and lung issues are have a lesser impact on her life each year and she remained out of hospital in 2011!

In early 2010 we discovered we were pregnant once again, and while it was a very exciting time it came with a lot of fears as we knew that we would be having another premature baby. My pregnancy did not go to plan at all, I was originally pregnant with twins, but lost one early on in the pregnancy and alsmot lost our sencond on numerous occassions, I was on bed rest for a lot of the pregnancy, it was complication after complication, I was medicated for contractions from 22 weeks (although what I thought were only braxton hick contractions and it wasn't until I was having them in my Obstetricians office at 28 weeks that she had to pause an ECV attempt due to contractions!), I was then on permeanent bed rest from that point and heavily medicated. Until eventaully at 35 weeks we had growth and fluid concerns and my body was starting to shut down so we had to deliver and my gorgeous Anastasia was born via CS and her journey earthside is here.

Following the birth of Anastasia life got very busy, my blog got abandoned and I never got back to writing it and I feel that resurecting it now doesn't seem right as it is a different part of our lives.

This blog is purely for the love of... family, friends, sewing, cooking, beautiful things and beatiful places, it is a place I can share all my loves and package it all up in one place.

So enjoy I hope you find some things you { love } too!

Photo above was taken by Kate of Head in the Cloud Photography if you want seriously beautiful and gorgeous photos check them out, both Kate and Merryn are absolutely lovely aside from being brilliant photographers and they are also a part of  Heartfelt (Formerly the ACOCP), which is a group very dear to my heart and we are eternally grateful that we have not had to use there services, but so glad that serivce is there for those who have needed it and some of which have been very dear friends of ours xxoo.